Drapery Design Advice & Tips
Selecting the right window treatment is not an easy task, among many things to consider are the architecture of a window, the style of the room, your lifestyle and budget and the way you want the window treatment to look and function.

Some functional roles of window treatment to consider include: controlling sunlight or glare, limiting heat during summer or gaining heat during winter, obscuring an undesired view or creating privacy, modifying or enhancing architectural elements, bringing color pattern or texture to the room.

Of course the right window treatment will address all of these roles but it can also establish or highlight the decorative style of the setting, whether it is contemporary, traditional, country or period the window traditional design, texture and fabric should create a harmony with the color scheme of your room, furnishings and the considerations of view from the window.

Some practical things to consider include ventilation and air flow, the way window closes and opens.

The cost of fabric is considerable, so don't rush into buying the fabric, spent some time thinking about the fabric texture, color and design. The style of the window treatment as well as the size of your window will effect the amount of fabric necessary. Remember that the choice of design and fabric will affect the feel of you room for years to come.